DESPISE's 1st Album could be described as straight aggressive thrash, which over the years the band has developed and refined, taking the music on a specific course, by using more melodic passages, mainly on the vocals, which tie in with the otherwise pervasive dark harmonies and melancholic vibe, as was initially manifest on the demo '93.
         Just as on 'State of Brutality', heavy motifs with calculated riffs and solos, but with more advanced and expressive guitar passages prevail, as well as the balanced play between drum rhythms and techniques, although not with the continuous extreme speed.
         A lot of care and attention has also been given to the composition and structural balance of the Album as an entity, to the consistently uniform style, as well as to the production, where the latest technology has been recruited, so that the result conforms to contemporary standards.
         The goal of creative self-determinaton, i.e. the definition and control of the band's sound, as well as the whole recording process, has always been foremost in mind, in order to preserve a musical and ideological independence and have the potential to cultivate a seperate individual style, apart from the tendencies of marketing trends.
         The idea is that in this manner, DESPISE's way of perceiving things will be accurately conveyed to the audience, so that in turn it can relate to the band and the music.