despise 'Indefinite Force' LP Demo

Press release (12/06/06)


DESPISE is one of the oldest Thrash Metal bands in Athens with influences from the Bay Area school. Specifically they formed at the end of 1986 with basic band member Makis Dedes (guitar and vocals). Three years later, (1989), the second member of the band joined, Maria Vassilakis (ex bass player for “ADIEXODO” – which means “DEAD END”) and later joined Johnny (drums), who stayed with the band until the end of 2004 - the band is now looking for his replacement.


Many may remember DESPISE from the D.R.I. show at “RODON” Live club in 1990, where they took part as support band and stole the show! Later followed some other concerts in Athens and in 1992 they begin to record their first demo, producing it themselves in their studio. They complete this by 1993 and so the finished “STATE OF BRUTALITY” (which has 4 songs written between 1986-1991) is sent to the biggest foreign record labels and to the most important magazines and radio stations in Greece and abroad for them to listen to and review, where very often DESPISE are characterised as “the Greek SLAYER”!

Parallel to this they cultivate communication with other bands, from the DEAD KENNEDYS (Jello Biafra / ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES), to DARK ANGEL and ENTOMBED, exchanging demos/material and receiving enthusiastic feedback about “STATE OF BRUTALITY”. Among other things, in 1995, “STATE OF BRUTALITY” gets on the list of the best demos in the world (that was released after 1987) in the very well known American Underground magazine ''SCREAMS FROM THE GUTTER'', founded by DAVE ROHRBACH. (For more see


            Despite the interest and especial enthusiasm about the fact that such a good demo was produced in Greece, DESPISE were not able to sign with a big record label. There were however important contacts made with well known labels and A&R representatives who were interested in the band (e.g. NOISE RECORDS) and on a personal level there was an on the spot hearing of the demo by representatives of ROADRUNNER and BLACKOUT / CAROLINE RECORDS during the ''NYU INDEPENDENT MUSIC FESTIVAL'' in April 1993 in New York!

As well as this, very big interest was shown by the German record label ACTIVE RECORDS, who during contract negotiations with DESPISE, close down for unknown reasons… Still, even without support from a record label, ''STATE OF BRUTALITY” was able to travel underground all over the world and make many fans. And to think that it was only a tape, self-made, in reality a demo recorded on a four-track, whose possibilities were taken to their highest (the guitar amps and sound mixer were also self-made!). Of course all the weight of the correspondence cost time but it gave extra strength to DESPISE to continue their efforts in music.


           So the foundations are laid for the creation of a full-length LP entitled “INDEFINITE FORCE”, using material the band had developed between 1991 and 1996. After much work, in 2000 the recording is finished and the band decides to choose 4 of the 10 finished songs to make a new demo, this time on CD, which will also be used as a promo. Once again, the purpose of this chosen work was to be sent to foreign record labels. So in 2002 the production is finished (which like the demo in 1993, was made by the two basic members of DESPISE / Makis & Maria) and the new CD is off on its way. It is worthwhile to point out that all the work of recording was done in the now permanent studio of the band (in their own space) which was set up in 1996 and from then on has been continually upgraded. This idea was one of the original goals of the band – to be able to maintain their creative independence and to be able to steadily have and keep their own opinion during production.


Important also is to mention that during the visits of foreign bands to Greece for concerts and after meeting DESPISE and hearing their new demo, there was very positive feedback from members of PRO-PAIN, PISSING RAZORS, DEARLY BEHEADED, IRON MONKEYS, THE HAUNTED, and ENTOMBED, who were amazed, not only with the strength and quality of the songs but also by the amazing production!

Unfortunately, the labels, though they could not but confess that the demo was very good and totally professional, were not in a position to sign such a band, which was not following the trends of the time (death – black metal etc).


So the decision was made to create a self-financed normal CD (in opposition to the promo of 2002 - which was a simple CDR without a cover) which would have on it the 4 unreleased songs of the promo (composed between 1994-1996) and which would finally get to the people. So, in 2006 DESPISE release the CD entitled “INDEFINITE FORCE” LP demo, which includes as an extra the “STATE OF BRUTALITY” demo’93 (original analog recording), in which can be seen clearly the evolution of their style and production, but also the whole progress of DESPISE over the years. Someone could see this as a compilation album. The distribution of the CD is taken on by the Greek independent record label LIVE MUSIC RECORDS, chosen due to long-term friendship and trust with the owners. The goal of the band is to send the record as far as possible and for the music to travel, touching thrashers – and not only – all over the world!


DESPISE would describe “INDEFINITE FORCE” as an LP which maintains the aggressive thrash style, the dark harmonies of the ’93 demo, as well as the complicated technical elements in their playing, though here they are adapted more selectively. The above are combined from now on with heavier and more expressive riffs, more melodic vocals, second voices and less extremely fast tempos, in essence developing in this way the style of the ’93 demo. To this evolution contributes also the experimentation over many years, parallel with the compositions and the sound of the band and the enormous work of recording the LP, where they combined old analog and new digital technology, so that the band could keep up with the contemporary standards of production.


In the future DESPISE will present their even newer work with 4 songs from the period 2002-2005 (with Makis & Maria remaining firmly the twin members-composers of the band), and will continue with passion on their course! At this time the band is working in the studio, finishing up the recording of the new songs and at the same time promoting the “INDEFINITE FORCE” LP Demo.


           The new line-up of DESPISE (as shaped after 2004) is:


-         MAKIS DEDES : Guitar, Vocals

-         MARIA VASSILAKIS: Bass, Synths

-         CHRISTOFOROS TERZOUDIS: Guitar, Backing Vocals (trial member)

-         DIMITRIS PLAGIANNIS: Synths and samples (support member)

-         DRUMMER: wanted…




- ''Greece Attacks'' 1989 - FM Records (Compilation double LP / Vinyl 33rpm, not available)

-  DESPISE ''State of Brutality'' demo 1993 - (Tape, sold-out)

- ''Underground Symphonies'' Vol.2, 1995 - U.M.G. CANADA New World Symphony Records

(Compilation CD, not available)

-  DESPISE ''promo 2002'' - (CDR – not available)

-  DESPISE ''Indefinite Force'' LP demo, 2006 – (CD which includes the ’93 demo, out: 

    12th May 2006) Distribution: LIVE MUSIC RECORDS.

 10 EURO