MAKIS DEDES  [guitar/vocals]:

  • Born in Athens, Greece (1967).

  • Works as an Electronics engineer/innovator as well as a Studio & LIVE sound engineer and

  • Began playing the guitar in the Punk band '' 'HAMENA IDANIKA' ('LOST IDEALS')'' and in
    the HC/crossover band 'ABOLISH AUTHORITY', sometime around 1986.

  • Was among the founding members of DESPISE in 1986 as the guitarist and sometime around 1988 also became the band's singer. Together with MARIA [bass] continues composing the music and writing the band's lyrics , including the 1993 demo and the forthcoming LP's mixing. He also undertakes the recording of all the above, as well as producing the music (with the rest of the band).

  • Mainly oversees the band's sound from the point of conception till the final result (including LIVE performances).