'S.O.D' MAG. Nr.4 / Summer '94 (USA)

*Reviewed by DAVID HORN
Despise State of Brutality
Rating:7.5/10 Skulls

     Are you tired of waiting forever for the new Slayer album to come out?Well, if you need a quick fix to tide you over in the meantime, you could do worse than sending $6.00 over to Greece for Despise's State of Brutality demo.The four tracks on this tight, catchy, and heavy demo sound like leftovers from the South Of Heaven recording sessions and are presented with a considerable amount of conviction and intensity.Songs such as Mindless Warrior and Flower Of Death are so Slayer-like that you could probably convince your friends that Tom and the boys sent you an advance tape of their upcoming album.

'SCREAMS FROM THE GUTTER' MAG. Nr. 39 / April-May 1995 (U.S.A.)
*Reviewed by DAVE ROHRBACH
Rating:12/15 (='Great release.Only toppled by a handful.The five song sections-intensity,emotion,originality,songwriting and musicianship-to a major plus.')
DESPISE: State of Brutality demo '93

     Material from Greece doesn't usually stuff my mailbox, but it's always a pleasure to hear bands from basically bandless places. Formed in '86 around the capital city. the four tracks featured are smack dab in the thrash style that virtually dominated that era (they were written between '86 and '91), but when the songs sound this good, crisp and fresh, it really doesn't matter in the slightest. More selective in their riffage, the '80's connotation runs rampant as open cords and super-quick percussion is nearly non-existent in this, but in their place are strong structures, roughly understandable vocable and bold intensity wrapped in a exceptional production. The onslaught begins with the title tune, introing with a whole compilation of possible foundations and rhythms, then bursting into the full-fledged ravager. There's no better description for it other than 'intense'. But there are other elements involved such as good timing changes, excellent structural alterations and a host of dynamics. Holding true to the heaviness of the previous track is "Cruel Mission", potent and furious. "Mindless Warrior" and "Flower of Death" showcase slightly different interests in the band's sound, the former a more intricate twister and the latter a slower more timid number proving they're not all full-throttle blasters.Professionally packaged including decently-written lyrics, this is one that impressed me very much.Now when I think of Greece, I'll add Despise to wrestling, warfare, mythology. architecture, fig leaves as garments and the Grecian Coliseum. More to come in '95, but $ 5 + one IRC will get you this small, yet delicious taste.


Top 10 Bands:

1.Slayer (old) 6.My Dying Bride
2.Kreator 7.Cat Stevens
3.Celtic Frost (old) 8.Bad Religion
4.Black Sabbath (old) 9.Morbid Angel
5.Candlemass 10.Destruction (old)


1. "Stare Into My Eyes" - Psycho Scream
2. "The Unnatural Conception" - Paramaecium
3. "Lost in Revery" - Pyrogenesis
4. "Bastard is as Bastard Does" - Monster Voodoo Machine
5. "Forever And On" - Psycho Scream
6. '' The Castaway" - Amorphis
7. "State of Brutality" - Despise
8. "Voyage of the Severed" - Paramaecium
9. "Achilles Scratched the Moon" - Halo
10.'Bleed' - Edge of Sanity

* honorable mentions *

''Television" - Bad Religion
"Pocket Size Sun" - Tiamat
"Haunting the Obscure" - Solitude Aeturnus
"Hear Nothing..." - Monster Voodoo Machine

Play list LPs:

Paramaecium - 'Exhumed of the Earth'
Momento Mori -' Life. Death And Other Morbid Tales'
Anything by early Cat Stevens
Anything by early Black Sabbath
Monster Voodoo Machine /promo
'Into The Catachthonium' /comp.
Pyrogenesis -'Waves of Erotasia' EP
Incantation - 'Mortal Throne of Nazerene'
My Dying Bride - 'Turn Loose The Swans'
Bad Religion - 'Against the Grain'

playlist demos:

Psycho Scream - '94 demo
Dusk - '94 demo
Sindrome - 'Into the Halls of Extermination' '87
Lead - '94 demo
Despise - 'State of Brutality' '94
Homicide - 'Retaliation Fall' '93
Dawn - 'The Darkness Within' '93
Catacomb - 'The Return of the Ark 7'' '93
Allegiance - 'Destitution' '94
Thought Industry - '89 demo